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Day 543


Buddy and I took N to W for his first day at the school. An anxious day for N. He held it together very well. 60% of the students at W are from abroad and they do not have to be particularly bright. Buddy just hopes he comes out with okay grades so that he can go to university. He is more interested in N finding out who he is and what he wants to do.

On the way back we had a good chat. He broached his anger with me on arrival and we sorted it out. He spoke kindly to me and said he understood my difficulties in looking after Ma and how needy she is and how sad the whole situation is. He asked me if I resented his lifestyle. I told him I resented the fact that I am the one left to look after Ma and that I would like him to do more for Ma. He has no responsibilities, he is utterly free. It is not fair or right that he looks after her for so little time. I didn’t choose to look after her. I’m doing what I believe to be right.

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