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Day 200

Bunny wants to play

Bunny and I finally met on our own as I sat in the library last night. I was studying late and by chance she was there and I spent a short while with her just talking.Bunny is very lonely just now. She also has anxiety issues. She has not got a partner and because I was so nice to her when she visited my room that night I think she has now homed in on me. She says she is crushing on me like mad but is is really sorry as she does not want to come between Thumper and I . She said she is always available if I change my mind and want to play. I am a different person than I was back then . I realise that such actions could destroy Thumper and my happiness together. I do enjoy sex immensely but I will not let it control and destroy all I have. Bunny will just have to play on her own. Anyways she bit my bobo and she could do it again?This is my photo. I need a good spanking yes? lol Love Mousie xxxx

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  • TreasureHiding TreasureHiding
    16 months ago

    That's a mighty fine bottom!

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  • Tammie Tammie
    16 months ago

    Awww at least that's all cleared up Mousie. Let her keep crushing on you, you and thumper have been through a lot over the past year. I'm glad it's not anything sinister. Xxxxx

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    16 months ago

    Total respect for your morality. You are a diamond in a world full of fakes.

  • Mousie Mousie
    16 months ago

    Thankyou TH I have been blessed with a nice little bottom xxx

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