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Day 405

Chasing rainbows

It has been a busy weekend, yesterday in the garden and this morning helping WH tidy a garden at a rental property.

We are trying to get the front room decorated, the house is old, very old, so stripping off wallpaper reveals a catalogue of woes. We will have to skim the walls once they are sound, then the plan is to take up several layers of carpets and reveal the flagstone floor.

This evening, taking advantage of a gap in the showers, I cycled up the lane with Charlie. Although it was not raining on us I could catch sight of tiny arcs of rainbows shining brightly caught in the intensity of the setting sun. I watched one in particular as it faded into pearlescent against the grey storm clouds.

Son phoned last night. He is halfway through his American camp experience and now a lot happier as he has been able to drop his counselor role and concentrate on being the main photographer for this session. It is such a shame that he will only have a week in the States once he finishes working as he has made so many friends and has some wonderful opportunities!

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