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Day 19

Christmas panic.

"Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday"

Just hit me that it is indeed one week until Christmas.

The worst part is, so many of my shifts in the last week were cancelled due to poor weather/slow business and money is shitter than ever. I've tried making this Christmas half-bought and half-homemade gift year but as it turns out, I suck at everything. So unless I'm baking (one of my few non-explicit skills), I may as well just glue an empty bag of crisps to a piece of cardboard and call it an 'artsy gift'.

My plan today is to go to town with the little bit of cleaning money I have, (yes, not just a waitress, I also clean people's #### up for them! Glamorous life here I come!) buy some mason jars, ribbon and brownie mix ingredients so I can do something similar to picture (attached) and give friends and family the gift of my brownie wisdom - I'll include my recipe for them - but with the ability to make their first batch with extra ease!

I know, what a cop out.
"So what did Charley get us?"
"A jar of ingredients that we could buy ourselves"

I suck at Christmas.
- Cx

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  • badger69 badger69
    94 months ago

    Your journals are fantastic. Love every single one of them. Your writing is absolutely superb.

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  • wakeupandlive wakeupandlive
    94 months ago

    Thanks a lot! That's really kind, you've put a smile on my face today! :) Glad you enjoy them, it's good to have somewhere to ramble...

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  • Mind scribbles Mind scribbles
    94 months ago

    I'dlov e of these cookie jars! I'm making some too now!

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