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Day 737


Is it a coincidence that every time I call on the parking angels I find a parking space? Is it the positive force that I’m sending out, articulated in words and will, that makes drivers leave the space just as I approach or for the space to be already empty? Even Peachy had a go and it happened to her. James too calls on the parking angels and they are always helpful. Buddy started us on this. They always respond. He maintains that it is the same with everything in life. Ask and you shall be given. If only, right? But why not give it a go. Why not? And believe it. Be positive. Here’s the plan: what’s in the realm of realistic achievability that you hope for? Say it out loud and expect it to happen. Tomorrow it will.

I want to be friends with James. That’s very achievable. I just need to pick up the phone. Okay.

I want to be more confident and feel good about myself. I don’t want to feel sad and guilty. No problem.

I want to write a short story that will be published and read. I will.

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