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Day 4

confessions of a former sex addict: part two .

March of 2011 I spent two weeks in Mexico.
My controlling boyfriend had said to "I'm the best you can get" before I left. Insecure.
I was done with him.

I had four encounters with four different men.
I was 16.

The first was with one of the muscular tanned hotel staff.
They had performed Grease earlier that night so we snuck onto the set which had a prop bed and got it on. Wasn't the best, but man was he hot.
Age 26.

The next was a super fine boy from Germany.
It was an educational experience and I learnt about his culture while spending the next couple days together. We only made out but I was enjoying his company, until he left.
Age 18.

Then was another hotel employee
Kinda quirky, super charming. We went out for dinner and later he called my room and beckoned me to the DJ booth.
I had to climb a ladder and be sneaky.
Very thrilling ;)
Age 24.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, was a 16y/o boy from Canada.
We spent a couple days together, on MY last night we had sex on the beach (not the drink).
Til this day, he was by far the best experience I've had.

That being said, I proved my ex wrong.

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  • Paul Keres Paul Keres
    85 months ago

    I wonder what made you stop being a sex addict? did you find the perfect mate?

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  • inbetweener inbetweener
    80 months ago

    I couldn't sign on for a while for some reason. Everytime I tried it wouldn't let me so I have up. More to come hopefully, then you can read the rest of my story!

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