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Day 377


I’ve been tetchy, and it scares me every time I am. I think: she could be dead this time next year and I’ll be crying if I don’t behave. We disagree over the monarchy, we have disagreed over feminism, homosexuality, religion, Brexit…. . The TV dramas upset her because ‘they’re all about sex.’ Sex is fundamental to human relationships. ‘But nothing is ever said about love.’ Not true. And it goes around and round and truly it shouldn’t be relevant to our lives together. We should be able to accommodate our different opinions, and yet I know it makes it more difficult for us, disagreeing the way that we do.

Beloved says it’s like living with Eeyore. If that’s the case, he is Tigger. I attempt to be Kanga but am more often Rabbit. How I absolutely love Winnie the Pooh. We’re all there.

Sunny was home for lunch which was nice. It helps dilute Beloved. Beloved speaks loudly, holding forth, lecturing. He sings loudly. He waves his arms and hands around. Ma hunkers down, closes her eyes whenever she can. She is very quiet. She wishes she were not there. I feel so sorry for her.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    15 months ago

    Oh George. It sounds like your having an awful time . It cant be easy for any of you to adjust to the change, but i suppose everyone needs their own time and space to come to terms with everything. I hope you are getting a bit of time and space to yourself too. Xxx

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  • George Smith George Smith
    15 months ago

    Thank you, Tammie. Yes, tricky times. Some days better than others... I just wish I could make it all fit. I just hope everyone will fit better together in time. xx

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