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Day 445

Confrontation then apology

Took various things round to my estranged wife's flat last night. As well as what she asked for, I handed over a letter from her Mum to the children. It had been addressed to me as well, so I'd opened it. As she isn't speaking to her Mum just now (and has asked me not to let her Mum see the kids), then I though she should decide if/when they got the letter.

That was the cue for her to start having a go at me about how her Mum & sister thought that they were in line with my views, when they want her to be in residential care. That I hadn't stood up for her during our marriage. That I had manipulated things, as her Mum manipulates things.

As it turned out, I barely got to see the kids. The visit was in place of a phonecall. :-(

Later on, I got a text from her, apologising for starting on me. I accepted it and replied saying that in future I'd let her know before I brought over anything like that.

Another text later, saying that the kids would be in holiday club as she had a Solicitor appointment today.

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