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Day 107

Consent. Or lack thereof.

The musician’s family is letting people publish updates on his condition and even post pictures of him. He still can’t speak, doesn’t see well, and probably has no idea the pics are being taken or for what purpose. He is fiercely protective of his privacy, and I think he’d be horrified to know those pictures are getting out.

I brought up my concern with his family and the response I got was basically that since everyone loves him and wants to know what going on, and that the updates make them happy, that I should be ok with it.

So the public’s desire for information is more important than his inability to give consent for them to know.

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  • runcicle runcicle
    3 weeks ago

    His privacy is his. It does not belong to his family to do with as they wish.

    The updates make them happy because they are feeding their addiction to live other people's lives instead of their own. If they love him so much then go and see him; or write him a letter if they are too far away.

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