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Day 355


Tough conversation last night with my wife. She doesn't seem happy that the legal process is on hold, that I'm not taking things further until she's out of hospital.

She missed cooking to the cinema with the kids today.

She called this evening. Apparently she's been really struggling since I told her about my solicitor writing a letter along her for an undertaking not to come to the house. She didn't appreciate that I need to feel safe feel that the kids are safe. Apparently, I'm the only one who views her as a threat. I'm the only she's threatened, so that's probably got something to do with it.

She's also started saying that some friends can't believe what I'm apparently doing to her. I don't think she's giving them the full story.

I'm told I'm being cold-hearted and cruel. I'm just keeping an emotional distance and keeping myself and the kids safe and stable.

I'm still responsible for two small people, day-to-day. I need to concentrate on them and trust the specialists to concentrate on my wife.

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