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Day 383

Conversations, children and chores

Church today. Had conversations with the main Pastor, his wife and the wife of the guy I see on Wednesdays. It was good to speak with each of them, as I hadn't for a while. Good to know that they are still interested. They have been very careful to remain neutral, which I appreciate.

Dropped a birthday present round to a cousin of my children. We lost touch, as my wife was so bad at keeping contact. I hope, for my kids' sake, that I can restore some degree of contact there.

They miss their cousin. I wish I hadn't left that contact, that relationship, up to my wife but it seemed right as the Mum is her cousin.

Worked on chores with the kids in the afternoon. They made quite good headway, though some things had to be redone. Minor tantrum from my son when asked to put his shoes on later, bad timing as I'd just received an email from my wife. That combination didn't work well, but we got it sorted out.

Good chat with my Mum. Now her & Dad are coming next weekend as well. I was involved in that decision. I appreciate the support.

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