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Day 5

Day 1 in Paris

After staying in Brittany on Saturday night and sleeping almost all day on Sunday and driving back to Paris we slept in the flat of his friend in Antony on Sunday night. The road took so long again and after I gave him a blowjob while he was driving we had to stop in a gas station to have sex behind the bushes. On monday and 2 days behind it I knew that he will have meetings, will have to work etc. The thing that I did not know is how workaholic could he possibly be. In the morning I slept even if he was making phone calls. He supposed to have meetings from 12 to 4 pm and I was planning to meet with a friend from there. My friend fell asleep and his meetings lasted one more hour. At 4pm I was ready with a wifi connection to get communicated with him and waited for 30 minutes. Then decided to do something else instead of waiting for him. We could not communicate well, I was out of battery, he called me from my other number etc. I finally met at 8 pm and he was already dead tired.

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