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Day 6

Day 2 in Paris trip

On monday he picked me up from a park that I found wifi just before my phone died. He was so worried about me and was about to call the police within one hour. We went to Antony, took shower then we went to the city with a extremely sweet wine that he brought from Canada for me, sat next to the river and started to drink it. There happened some dramas. I can accept that I overreacted for some stupid reasons but I wanted to get attention. On tuesday I met with my friend that I could not meet the day before. We hanged around, spent time like Parisiens in different cafes. There happened some misunderstandings between my friend and him so we finally found each other at 8 pm, again. I met with one of his childhood friends which was a really good guy. We ate something and then both of us were so tired after watching "ıntouchables" last night until 5 am. Before going to flat he suggested to show me around with his car. After saying goodbye to his friend and mine I started to feel grumpy as hell again.

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