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Day 326

Day 6: bad decision, disturbed night, getting ready

So, kids were acting up last night from the minute we got home. Once they were eventually in bed I had various thoughts going through my head. Ending it all. Going for a driving to clear my head. Did neither of those. Instead I stayed up early watching 2 films.

Then during the night my son came through to our bedroom and slept on my wife's side of the bed. So not the best night's sleep. Still, doing fairly well this morning. Some housework done. Heading out in about an hour to my daughter's dancing class, then afterwards heading north, then southeast...

I've enjoyed the kids being here, but I'm glad they're going to my parents. I don't think I'd cope on my own with their attitudes at present.

Wife enjoying her time away, which is good.

I was copying some things from my old phone to discuss with my counselor on Tuesday. Stuff about how I view myself. Must keep my mind off that today. That could send me spiraling downwards.

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