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Day 179

Dear Chris

I've written to you probably over 300 times, but it's always been a text message sent from an old iPhone with no SIM card in it any more, or a bunch of letters I keep in a box, or even entries in my journal, where I keep my thoughts of you along with dreams and thoughts I have on a daily basis.

I've decided that I will write to you in here from now on.

I think I will still write to you in my journal daily, and maybe I'll even update some previous posts I never made on here from writing I've saved for you.

Who knows, maybe one day you will read this.

Maybe one day we will speak again, this time without anger or the past weaved in our words or agendas.

Maybe one day we will just be us again. Those two kids who didn't know what was what, sitting in Classic Civilization, listening to Ed tell us off for texting each other in class. But maybe we will have grown by then, into people that no longer hold our mistakes against one another.

Maybe one day we will start anew.

Maybe one day.

Maybe soon.

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