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Day 194

Dear Chris

This is going to sound insane, but I love my dad.

As you might remember, my dad and I haven't had a real relationship since I was about 5. It was always about Dylan and dad grooming him.

And yet, since he moved out to Spain and we have spent time together, since he changed his mindset to 'all about money' to 'all about quality of life' he's become a completely different person.

It's bizarre. He has painted with me. HE suggested that. We fish together. A lot. We spend entire days down in Estepona and collect sea glass (we both collectively prefer the blue kind, but it's rare).

My mother doesn't believe he's changed at all. Obviously. She has this tendency to put things in concrete in her mind even when she doesn't have proof or logic.

Dad is so different though. He's just chilled now. No more stressful business. Not only that, but we are programming together. It only took 17 years for dad to see, but Dylan is not-willing-to-work-or-learn-or-do-anything-meaningful-with-his-life, and I'm building a career, simple-living and 'wise beyond her years'. That's what he said.

He said I figured out something years ago that he has only now.
That's what's important.
I finally have a dad.

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