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Day 187

Dear Chris

Today I got stuck on top of a crane.


My co-workers thought it would be hilarious to put me inside the cage of a MEWP and hoist me right up into the air and joke about leaving me there.

Funnily enough, I had my crochet ball in the pocket of my work coat so I shouted back down,"You can leave me up here if you like! I've got stuff to catch up on!" I sat down and started crocheting but it was freezing up there. Poor fingers.

Did you know you get super signal a couple dozen metres in the air? Crazy stuff.

I browsed through Instagram since it's the only kind of social media I use - I'm so glad I deleted Facebook off of my phone. It took up too much time doing nothing really. My Insta still posts automatically to Facebook but it's fine. I don't have to use it at least.

I literally have Spotify and Instagram and my camera on my phone. It means I barely use it now which has taken loads off my mind. I guess I'm so out of touch now that I've not got a lot to worry about except silly anxieties and all that jazz.

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