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Day 221

Dear Chris,

I'm feeling better these days. I guess it's the sense of productivity I've felt with all the progress I'm making.

I'm paying less attention to my mother and her negativity. I'm ignoring my brother and locking my door up tight. I'm keeping Chip near for cuddles whenever I need them and, despite packing up the little I need and donating the rest to the RSPCA, I've bought a super-amount of wools and yarns to create with. My crochet is rising up another level-I've begun Amigurumi, and I'm really good at it! I think I may have found my final creative calling. I'm so addicted to making blankets, scarves, gloves, teddies and even random projects I begin with no real direction that I turn into something fantastic halfway through!

I'm enjoying things now. I've got direction.

I'm also manifesting goals towards Spain. I'm so excited to go. I barely speak about it because I don't want to make a big fuss but I'm very excited. I'm going out there quite often and checking out places to buy.

TO BUY. The jobs are plentiful for programmers and the houses are cheap and beautifully big. I'm going to live in paradise. Soon.

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