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Day 242

Dear Melissa,

Sit up straight.
Act normal.
You can do this.
Yes, this is you being normal.
Drink something.
Blink more.
Deep breaths.
Calm down.
You can do this.
Be normal.
Keep breathing.
Stop being so weird.
You can do this.
It's just one more week.
One more week, then you're off to Spain.
You can assess what's what and who's coming and going with a clear head.
Get some perspective.
You can do this.
Then things can really go back to normal.
You can text who you like.
Hang out with whoever you want to hang out with.
Hug whomever you want to hug.
It won't matter, remember?
You'll have freedom again.
Keep that in mind.
It's just one more week.
One more week.
Then life will go back to normal again.
In the meantime,
Keep quiet
Keep breathing
Keep eating
"You can do this."

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