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Day 37

Dear Miranda,

I've taken such a long time to answer you because there are so many things to say. I was given a clue to answering this dilemma by a poster outside my local Methodist church that I used to occasionally frequent on a Sunday evening until, one evening, the meeting consisted of a television presentation.

I can watch tele at home, thank-you.

The poster said 'Life: the time that determines where you spend eternity'.


When you want to fill a sack with something useful you have to remove all the useless things that it already contains. In the same way, when we want to learn truth, we have to discard all the untruths (LIES) that create an antithetical attitude that will not accept truth.

Since most of what religions promulgate is lies to further their own self-serving power there is a lot to get rid of before truth can prevail, and the remaining 54 words will not allow addressing 3,800 years of lies.

Combating lies has been undertaken sporadically during that time by those unafraid to confront that power for those who have ears to hear and took a great step forward in 1848.

God is omnipotent: LIE.

That's two items you can discard.

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