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Day 11

Dear Penelope, a little effort goes a long way.

I've been trying to make more positive step in my life recently. Some are quite small things like making my bed in the morning, getting all my homework done when it's set, drinking more water. However, some of the steps seem to have more of an affect on me. For example: I am trying my best to talk to new people and judge people less; and this lead to me making more friends in my class.

I feel like I am rambling on a bit. Sorry.

How are you doing? How's Chippy? And the new dog? You wrote saying that you were picking him/her up the other day. I bet Chippy loves having another friend to play with.

I guess you're starting a new adventure as well hey!

Oh god it's valentines day in a few days! Fantastic *sigh*

Who knows, maybe this year will be different for me. Maybe I will have the luck of the Irish on my side.

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  • Otter Otter
    15 months ago

    It really is amazing how little changes can make a big impact! Something as simple as making a bed in the morning can change an entire attitude when you get home. I make mine every morning too, and it just makes me feel a bit more put-together when I come home after a long day to a made bed. Feels like life is just a smidgen less chaotic. I notice the difference on days when I'm a bit lazy and forget to make it, because when I come home and see it, it's like my mental state reflects whatever state my room is in. Messy. Glad to read you're making small changes! Keep it up! :)

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