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Day 8

Dear Penelope, A new semester means new opportunities!

So, I have started my second semester now. We are now studying:

- A Prospective of the History of English (HoE)
- Media Language (ML)
- Text Design: Genre and Style (TDGS)

First of all, HoE is so bloody interesting. Learning about how language has adapted from the ancient Celtics, through the Roman invasion, and then battled the Viking influences.

ML is quite interesting as well. The power and assumptions of language.

TDGS is just pure bullshit. The purest and smelliest of bullshits. That's all you have to know about that!

Outside of Uni life is going quite well. I'm now getting paid to teach drumming. Turns out my time with the NTC band has finally started to pay off.

I'm now looking for somewhere to live in September. Finally moving out and getting my own place! (well, me and the rest of Falmer Abbey).

I hope you are doing well. I hope little Chippy is still as protective as ever.He's such a good boy.

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