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Day 393

Death of a 4 year old former neighbor...

In NYC, there's always some kind of random killing that happens to pedestrians, and our illustrious Mayor has his heart set with something called "Vision Zero" to reduce the numbers to zero. Who can complain?

But drivers in New York are one bunch of idiotic motherfuckers, and with a city so populous and since New York State will hand out a license to anybody who fogs up a mirror, it's inevitable that there are going to be accidents.

I heard about two young children being struck and killed by a driver about 3 minutes away from where i used to live and chalked it up to this inevitability. Except this was much different: it turned out that the child killed belonged to my former neighbors with whom I shared a hallway and yard for a few years.

They're lovely people, and I remember when she was pregnant and brought home the baby, who was 4 when she died. Her pregnant mother was struck as well, but both she and unborn child are expected to recover.

But I'm heartbroken.

We look for meaning in death, but when we do so, we get it wrong. Life can have meaning, death never does, and not one like this.

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