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Day 8

Deeper issues and separate paths

I completed a job application today, and wanted a small favor- I wanted him to read it. Would he? No, World of Warcraft is far too important. Could he empty the dishwasher to put the next load on? Of course not, he will do it "after"- how long is "after", when you finish your game at 12? 1? 2? You have work tomorrow, "adult".I'm afraid this is going to turn into the normal moaning... but at the moment I can't bear it. I feel like crying when I think about it because I have talked to him about it so many times. He doesn't care, he won't do anything about it.I might have to tell him it's WOW or me. Why should I take second place to a computer game the whole time? I wouldn't mind if it was once or twice a week, but his every waking moment is spent on there (again).Life's too short, yes, but maybe my life is too short to be running around after you anymore.Maybe it's time we took different paths. The pets will be joining me on mine, as you can't even be bothered to clean them out.

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