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Day 569

Defeating Trump: The Pennsylvania Project

I had a vision the other night, while I was deep in recovering and gratitude from an operation that went smoothly. I was reflecting on the shootings around the US, and the fact that had it not been for a neighboring state, Pennsylvania, we would not be in this deep, deep pile of White Supremacist bullshit.

So I said to myself: next summer, I am going to move to a "swing county" in Pennsylvania and work to turn it blue. I don't care who the Democratic nominee is: I will go and day in and day out I will convince people to vote against this Orange Excrement with a simple idea: "we are better than this."

I see myself knocking on doors and being told by a homeowner that they are "too busy" to talk. I'll offer to clean their dishes, rake their yard, do their laundry, help make their beds, if they'll just talk to me and try to understand that we can be a much better country without this complete piece huge sack of shit. And I'll listen to their concerns and reassure them.

And I'll return to build their trust, and help them turn away from this blind fascist faith.

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