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Day 308

Demand feeding

He decided last night that the usual 3 hours was far too padestrian. No,bee needed to go only an hour and a half, 2 hours here, etc. It means he's essentially snuck an extra feed in during the wee hours of the morning, and he's paying the price. Or at least, I am. The little glutton keeps throwing up because his belly is so full it can't take any extra milk.
At least my boobs are getting used to be l being on demand 24/7. We're both in training still, learning and coaching each other through.
Plus, extra feeds and extra volume means a growing baby!
Also means more poopy...

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    8 months ago

    It's great, all that worry and you finally settle in to each other getting the rhythm and your structure and routine justfalls into place like two little peas in a pod.
    Enjoy every moment

  • Befalus Befalus
    8 months ago

    He does make it enjoyable, he's becoming so much more alert. Turning into a proper wee baby!

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