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Day 14

Depression Always catches up

No matter how better i feel, or do many nice things to take my mind off sadness and thoughts, i take one rest day and i feel absolute shit. And i have to go back to work in two days. I hate it at the moment, so much has happened and i’ve been demoted. I now feel in a predicament of whether to stay or leave my job and have a complete change. A fresh start.. I have recently moved too so perhaps a complete change with everything would be good for me, then i start to think positively, but then bam. I have a dark day and have no energy to even get up for food or a wee let alone defeat depression with positive changes to help me out of depression... i am exhausted. I hate feeling positive and feel like i am finally getting better or things are looking up because just a second later something is bound to have happened or i will happen to make me feel worse than before. I then give up hope. I just want to give up but i also want to fight. i know i am better than this.

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