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Day 560


I told Ma that she has changed my life in this last year. She was insisting I watch the Channel Four News. Before she came to live with us I told her that I didn’t watch TV more than twice a week. Now she wants me to watch it every evening with her. She won’t watch it on her own. I asked her to watch the rest of the news on her own, to help me. She is sitting tight. She doesn’t know what to do with herself if she can’t watch TV with me. This is a problem.

She has been on her own all day. I’ve been busy preparing for G and C’s visit tomorrow, answering emails, getting Peachy’s birthday set up, talking to Sunny, finding out how to replace her lost hearing aid etc etc. All mundane stuff I need to do on my own. It all takes time and she can’t do it with me. So she sees the evening as her time. It used to be my time.

She tells me that we boss Apple about too much. He’s been beaten down by us. ‘I never did anything. I just let you be.’ True.

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