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Day 519

Different economies, different cultures

Our Mexican friends are so well looked after by their staff that it appears they have never emptied a kitchen dustbin into an outdoor bin before. Laura wrote to ask what was to be done with the rubbish and I explained that the bag in the bin had to be full and then tied at the top. Then it should be put into the green bin outside. The green bin is put on the side of the road once every two weeks. This was all new to her. Initially she had simply tipped the bag upside down into the green bin.

Also, they have never used a dishwasher. Laura told me that they didn't use the dishwasher while they were here because they didn't know how it worked. I noticed that their dishwasher at home doesn’t work and that Ene did it all by hand. It’s a third world way of doing things. Labour is so cheap, people are exploited, the rich can't be bothered with machines and the poor can't afford them.

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