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Day 31


It is so difficult caring for damaged youngsters, just over one hurdle and another presents, maybe I am getting too old for the job, I take it out on the people around me , I can be such a Bitch or is it that people are selfish and do no help me as they should do.?
My Daughter says "you do not give to receive" but I have been giving so much and no one thinks about me!!!!!
Where will it all end
Will My Soul die before My Heart does?
Holidays never give me out of Life what I really need or want
I am slowly sinking the strategies are not working and the Children are sooo damaged how can I help them without letting go after 5 long years
The New Baby in the Family gave me some Laughter & Joy for a fleeting moment
I miss My Mum so much , nearly a Year Now and I still cannot believe she is gone I want her back I need her back
Where do dead people reside?

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  • runcicle runcicle
    9 months ago

    We have no commonly agreed word for the place that people reside whose bodies have died. This is because it is rarely discussed and it is cloaked in the mists of irrational beliefs.

    This does not mean that no such words exist, nor does it mean that there is no answer to your question.

    Most people start their residence in paradise. This is not the same place as heaven, and many people then begin a journey to get there. Neither is it hell, from where the journey to heaven takes longer but is possible and has been accomplished.

    No-one who has left a material body has yet been accepted as having returned to a material body, but many have been seen not in a material body, mostly by people who are still emotionally tied to them.

    Your need is not her need.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    9 months ago

    Then there was you

  • George Smith George Smith
    9 months ago

    Are you a foster parent Bettedavis? That's a brave, brave thing to do. I couldn't do it. And I understand that it is a thankless task. Why do you do it?

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