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Disappointing life choices

So this week we’ve found out my little cousins girlfriends pregnant (she’s 18) My family are now planning my little cousins life.
The bit that disappoints me is that he’s a supervisor in a bar (up for management) and they are trying to push him into apprenticeships because working in a bar isn’t good enough....
I’ve worked and managed in bars and hotels for 8 years and I’ve worked hard, I’m proud of myself but it hurts to hear them be so against what I do... I’ve just had my first baby myself and I have no plans on retraining. It just hurt so hearing everyone’s honest opinion on what I do... I suddenly feel like their looking down on me, my mum says I shouldn’t feel so bad because I’m really qualified and actually work at it rather than just use it for partying. It’s my dads side saying these things and now I feel like a child’s because I’m saying “my mum says” hahaha!!

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  • Tammie Tammie
    13 months ago

    If you love what you do then keep doing it. My mum was a cleaner for years, when my sister left school, she went straight into office work and would relentless give out about the cleaners, she looked down her nose at them. Then one day, my mam had had enough. And told my sister that they were probably on more money than her. My sister boubted this until my mam revealed that she earned nearly double what my sister did. My sister was shocked. But nit very apologetic. My point is, no matter what you do, your going to get people looking down their nose at you, so do what you love, lifes too short to be taking much notice of naysayers.

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