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Day 44

Dizzy With Frustration

We had been told this would 100% be resolved this week. That it would all finally be over by the weekend. We were lied to. Again.

A call. The trial has been moved to several months away. Again.

Honeybun took a week off of work for nothing. He has to put his dreams of leaving retail hell and going to school off even longer. Again.

We have to put off moving forward, getting better footing financially and finally start talking again about getting engaged soon. Again. We both want it, but we want this issue to be behind us first.

Because when is there time and money for school and a wedding and a down-payment on a house when you're held at a standstill? Again?

It's been so long, and we're both so tired and frustrated at the situation, and Honeybun is frustrated with himself. We will keep standing strong, and I will not stop cheering him on through all of this.

But please? Can this just be over soon? So we can finally build our future? We want the carousel to stop - we're both getting dizzy.

We're going out for date night tonight to just enjoy each other's company and remember what we're fighting for.

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