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Day 7

Don't know how I feel!?!?!

So first week back probably going very well in any normal person's eyes but for me, I've come home today feeling deflated and annoyed. Tiredness probably has a huge amount to do with it but I'm struggling with adult conversations and just general confidence. Feels like I've taken a few steps back and really all I should be concerned about is getting through the day and getting home to the baby. All that shit shouldn't matter should it?!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    85 months ago

    I don't know...tiredness often makes us feel so odd, we can feel incredibly down, marky, tired, quick with a moan and a whinge. It maybe should not matter but I think it does. xx

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  • LillyMae LillyMae
    85 months ago

    I find if my sleep goes to pot, my mood goes right along after it. Tiredness always makes everything seem a million times worse than it actually is. It's almost the weekend, hopefully you can get some well-earned rest and feel much better for it. Tomorrow is another day xx

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