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Day 46

Dreams about flats and rants about flatmates

My roommate is loud, and domineering. She forces conversation even when it's clear that I don't want to talk to her. Like when I'm secretly trying not to have a panic attack in the kitchen when I'm trying to make pasta, and she blabbers on about her job and says "you're so chill when you're cooking." The truth is I don't know how to tell you to just ####### go away and not look at what I'm doing.

It's always loud. And she's always awake. I've woken up at 4:00 and 7:00 am respectively and she's still walking around, still talking to the cat. Still coughing. still talkibf to the television. still an insufferable busybody about famous people, her friends, whatever.

And the cat is so loud too. 4 in the morning and meowing, loud and ceaselessly I don't care what she likes to do or talk about while she's not sleeping, but the whole "forcing me to talk to her and then passing judgement if I don't feel like it" tactic is driving me ####### insane. I just want to feel at peace in my living residence. That has never happened.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    82 months ago

    The joys of sharing eh.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    82 months ago

    I totally sympathise. I lived in halls last year and experienced some of the noisiest, rudest and most ignorant people ever. I would often be woken by them sitting outside my door having sing songs or eating takeaway food in the corridor.
    My advice is to maybe take her to one side and calmly tell her you would appreciate her being a little quieter during the night and early morning (at the very least) because you're having trouble sleeping with noise going on. I don't see how that could be offensive as everyone is entitled to peace and quiet in their own home.
    Good luck :) x

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