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Day 6


I appear to be experiencing a sever amount of anxiety these days. I'm in the process of sitting my bar finals and have passed 10 out of 12 exams. I was supposed to sit the final two last month but I deferred until August.

My anxiety has been gone to a whole new level, I find it a struggle get anything done, go to work, revise, study, go to gym etc.

A couple of night before this I dreamed that I was in autopsy class, the body I was learning on had dies in a horrific way and the position adopted in rigor mortis was the position the body was demonstrated on, an old man kneeling with his ear to the ground, as if he were trying to listen to something. Bizarrely, the class was interrupted by one of my rugby friends introducing me to his boyfriend and mother and showing me their new flat, by the time I returned to the class, it was over and we were having rose beef for lunch.

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