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Day 260


Today it was waiting for me when I got home. There it as lying on the side. I almost could not lift it to bring it inside. It took a good push and lift and then a knife struggle to take it out of the box. Then more pushing and pulling to get the pieces out of the box. My arms are a bit sore right now.
Got every bit out and separated them, counted the nuts and bolts and got right on with it.
The instructions said an hour but it took me less than that. The best part of this is that, for the first time in my DYI life, I did not lose my patience, I did not swear and most importantly, I did not want to give up and throw anything away!
I always tell my students to practice BIY (believe in yourself). For the last two months I have done a lot of DIY and at first I wasn't confident in my ability and autonomy. Practice makes perfect and it seems that unconsciously, through DIY I have found my inner BIY.
I feel this shift stronger in me everyday, I have found my inner confidence :-)

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