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Day 53

El Cairo is El waiting

I have CA’s attention for a while but I am under no illusion that my attraction from her is of a very tenuous nature. She need only met some handsome boy one day that will steal her attention away and I become a relique of her foolish past. Hardly managing a thought, much less a pleasant one.

We are planning more trip after El Cairo. She wants me to go with her to Petra. Then she became very excited about Morocco.

Our Itinerary is set for our trip to Egypt. It seems we will spend most of our time in El Cairo exploring all the historic corners of that city. We will ventur to Giza and even to the desert, she wants to ride a camel. If time permits we will spend an afternoon investigating Alexandria. But she is most excited about the Airbnb’s we will spend our nights in. She picked a very romantic one with a view of the pyramids. But, but, I told her, it's a single bed. She "lol"d me, "Silly you." No idea where that left off.

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