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Day 333

El Escorial

We went to El Escorial today. None of us were enthused by it. A big place, lots of empty rooms, and some beautiful paintings, mainly religious. No tour was available in English, only in Spanish. There are no English tourists here. It sits vast and empty. The most impressive bit is the family vault underground, full of Bourbon and Hapsburg remains of the great and mighty. One room was devoted to 60 dead royal children " all died before puberty. The stair way down to Charles V and Philip II’s tombs, as well as many other Kings and Queens, was of dark marble, and that room of tombs is the one flamboyant room in the whole palace.

I see it’s tricky for J. Owl and Apple are silly together all the time. Peachy read her book round the whole palace in protest. Only Sunny took any real interest. J didn’t even pretend to be interested. Fair enough.

Beloved has them all playing King Maker now " he’s been wanting to play that game all holiday. J doesn’t really want to play, but it’s the only way he’ll join in with the whole family so he is.

Owl remains negative. He says little.

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