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Day 638

Feeling quite low.

Im usually quite good at hiding my low times. I chat, make jokes, and generally create a bit of havoc.

But since last week Ive felt myself sinking down. The bump in the car was the catalyst. Since then there has been the stress and worry, along with constant pain and frustration at nit being able to do my normal stuff. I know I will bounce back, but im finding it hard to put a brave face on things. People are noticing in work as Im a lot quieter than usual. I just want the pain to stop and get back to my normal self. On top of that, ex is being an arsehole. Time to tell him like it is, he is pretty much using tge car for free, does not pay towards insurance, tax, petrol. Although he does collect the kids from school, he gets to use the car whenever he wants. And dont even talk to me about maintenance thats a big fat zilch. Becsuse he cant afford it!!!

Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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