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Day 521

Feeling uugggghhh!

So this weekend has been really busy. First I got sent home on Thursday. Went home and slept like the dead for nearly 3 hours. Then up to organise things for our st Patricks day picnic. I just made the goodies and dinner. Then back to bed as soon as the kids were in bed. Picnic was ok and I was feeling better, but because we were out in the cold and rain , I felt drained by the time we got home and couldn't get the heat into me. Yesterday we went to mind body and spirit. Had a look around, maditated, went to a lecture on sound healing which was great. But felt achy and tired by the time we got home. This morning I'm still feeling crappie. I thing my cold is relapsing. Going to try to get some rest today. Nothing much but to feed the kids and clean the house. Back to bed for a bit for me.

I hope everyone is doing ok. Sending lots of love. Big hugs and big kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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