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Day 11

fml with a little bit of irritation!

Waking up was nice, got to laze in bed while my partner snuggled my feet sat up at the bottom of the bed. Lazed around some more, finally got dressed and we went to my mums house for a beef roasty, which I helped prepare, yumyum! Though, I do wish my sister and mother would actually pay attention to her daughter/granddaughter who was happily destroying things downstairs, aka: my eyeshadows! But, no, I'll get the blame for leaving it out (hidden, right away) from snooping fingers. Because Heaven Forbid that my mother should be in the wrong for sitting on her freaking computer, upstairs, away from the 6 year old who just loves to break into EVERYTHING!! (I'm not saying they are bad parents, or there is any bad parenting going in) but come on, if there's a 6 year old; who you know is a little madam then you SORT IT OUT! It's okay, though, because tonight she'll get what she wants and tomorrow she'll do it all over again. fml.

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  • Waiting for a life Waiting for a life
    93 months ago

    Is she similar to her sister by any chance? Lol.

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  • FlyAway FlyAway
    93 months ago

    c: She may take after her aunty-me, yes!

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