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Day 9

Food phobia

I read a twitter update about someone has a sandwich phobia and wonder if anyone got a sandwich phobia.
Well, my food phobia are sandwich and banana phobia (not combined). I hate sandwiches with passion. I remember last time I had a sandwich, I was 5 years old, started at school. Mum packed me a sandwich to school, it white bread, butter and ham - basic sandwich! I ate one, it was worst food moment in my life. I spat whole thing out.
I hate smell of sandwiches, I hate the taste, I hate the way they feel and I believe bread should be on its own without anything added.
I dreaded work lunch because almost everyone eats sandwich and it makes my stomach turns. Funny how food can ruin your lunch hour. My uncle feels the same and we eat rolls without anything in it.

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  • t.4. t.4.
    88 months ago

    My sister has the same problem with fruit bananas are worst. Can't even look at them . But she will eat fruit under certain conditions

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