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Day 380

For James is an honourable man

I’m tired now. I’m in Scotland with Ma and James. All to do with dividing up this place and selling it. Best not to think too much. I already feel like the spare wheel with Ma and James. He cosies up to her, holding her hand under the rug as they watch TV. He made her a delicious supper and I was there too. It was excellent, as always. He says I talk too much, he poo poos what I do say, and gets irritated if I thank him or offer to get him anything. I know that everything James does is good and honourable. We just don’t like each other. I don’t think he’s a very nice guy. He’s on edge, sneering, condescending and rude. But he’s brilliant, efficient, good looking and slick. He’s not someone I would ever be friends with. I would be intimidated by him and he would find me ridiculous right from the get go.

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