Day 239

Forced to Rest

It's been a while since I've been here. There have been lots of positive things happen and come in to my life for which I am truly grateful, however there have been some issues that have slowly eaten away at my sanity and it seems, my health too. It's now got to the stage where it's not just my mental health that has suffered. I am quite convinced that while my mind has done It's best to protect my body, it couldn't hold out any longer. Anxiety and stress have reached the rest of my body, and my body has forced me to stop. I made plans to 'stay busy' and give myself something to look forward to, a way out of the daily drudge but unfortunately the daily grind upon my mind has manifested itself as illness, which has forced me to hit reset and face what has been bothering me. I am now acutely aware I need to be painfully honest with people in order for things to change, and not risk my health again. First though, I am told I must rest. Not easy for both an anxious and creative mind, but I know I must.

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