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Day 321


First friction with Buddy. He had his porridge in a salad bowl and his coffee in a cup the size of a cereal bowl. Dad mildly rebuked his for his giant bowl and cup and I joined in. Ma told us not to fuss and that it is fine if he does just what he wants. Buddy was as offended by my remarks as I was by his big crockery and amounts of food. Then after breakfast he went on apologising sarcastically for having upset me.

Went for a little walk with Dad, then sat in the sunshine. He doesn't believe he was ever confused and is angry at the idea. He thinks we made it up, the fact that he was not able to think straight. He is annoyed the doctors were told. That is why he had a brain scan on Monday. They discovered blood on his brain. We don't know about a brain tumour. He is seeing the consultant on Tuesday next week to find out more. The doctors think the blood thinners caused the blood on the brain. So he is stopping them. They were taken to stop him having a heart attack. Juggling for time.

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