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Day 414

From Florence 2

Today was a day of gardens. We made the decision to stay South of the river and, after a morning trip to the market just around the corner, we headed through the narrow winding streets towards the Pitti palace. Keeping a watchful eye for scooters, bikes and cars which tend to turn into the streets without warning and ignoring any pedestrian.

We did not stop to look at the galleries of the palace but headed directly to the Boboli garden which everyone raved about. I was a bit disappointed but I guess it was at the end of the season and it all looked a little jaded. Plenty of green but few flowers and the fountains were just dribbling. It had its moments though . . . . I much preferred the smaller Bardini garden and it's wonderful collection of historic plants and fruit trees. We spent some time sitting on the terrace overlooking Florence while drinking coffee. The view was amazing.

Walking back I am amazed by the expensive shops sitting cheek by jowl with the shops selling cheap tourist tat.

It is now dusk and WH is cooking while I sit on the tiny terrace writing this.

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