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Day 289

Ghosts can't cross a line

This guy who has been pretty desperate to date me for the past couple of years has been on my back like no tomorrow, being super clingey and texting me 247, I swear he doesn't have anything else to do?

Anyhow, he was really annoying me last night to the point that I got really sad that I had no time to myself and I asked him to give me some space so I can enjoy my evening.

Hoo boy, did that set him off. 'So that means you can't enjoy your evening if I'm talking to you?' -Uh no, don't put words in my mouth sir, you're just constantly texting me high-maintenence stuff while I'm trying to chill. Floods of texts came in, and then he crossed the line when he decided he would make fun of my mental health issues. He says it's all an excuse, that he doesn't believe it's real and that I don't need to be on medication and it's probably just sugar pills. I flipped my lid at that point-how dare he!

I've struggled for years with my mental health and have only recently got it under wraps and felt better. Safe to say, I ghosted him.

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