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Day 113

Glass Buildings

The skyscraper I work in is made of glass. Every floor has a panoramic view of the city from the inside, and from the outside the glass is mirrored. From the 33rd floor, it's a beautiful sight to see: other buildings, parks, and the woods stretched far into the distance. However, without any insulation, it's pretty damn cold up here lately! My blazer doesn't offer much warmth, but we have our heater blasting and I'm drinking warm tea. Our state is so unused to below-freezing temps.

I am thankful that I have an entire section of our office to myself. Fewer distractions while I work. It's hard for me to get anything done when I feel someone's eyes on me.

I really just want to sit in our boardroom with my ginger tea and soak in the view this morning, but I have a long list of tasks to accomplish and not much time to do so. Yet I'm still procrastinating. Maybe it's the cold that's making me lazy?

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    5 weeks ago

    It's better cold here in BK, Otter. Wherever you are, wrap a scarf around your neck and stay warm. We're in for another 5 months of this...

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