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Day 7

Go Away !!

Last time I saw you it was almost 7 years ago, so why do you haunt my mind specially when you used me as a taxi cab to cart you miles and miles for you to see someone else !! Like a fool I was swept along with your charm when I should have just dumped you there and left you... So why all this time later do you sit in my brain and make me think of you, get out of my brain get out Get Out GET OUT !!! You are with her now and she is welcome to you, you low life cheating scum, however how long before you cheat on her ! Its all very nice and happy and romantic now you are married but its more like you have found some other poor mug to provide you with a roof over your head and money in your pocket - I hope she sees sense one day and you are left out in the cold. Why do I keep searching for you and thinking about you - leave me alone go away I don't love you anymore !

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