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Day 16


I hit a personal fitness goal today and I'm really pleased.

We (the Kid and I) have been working hard for well over a year now, changing our diet, hitting the gym for three or four sessions a week. I also keep alcohol to a minimum and it's really paying off!

We have lots more energy, we're stronger and leaner and the biggest bonus is that our air lasts considerably longer when we're scuba diving!

It isn't always easy to avoid sugar and comfort foods, especially now that it's cold and wet outside but we've become hardcore at not giving in to temptation and often find healthy substitutes for the empty carbs. (Success lies in the planning).

I know my ability to focus irritates Big, who often attempts to sabotage my resolve. He is supposed to joining in, but very often finds excuses not to come along.

I never let him off the hook, calling him out for the flimsy excuses. Mostly, it works and he wrestles with himself and ends up coming to the gym half way through a session.

I find it interesting that he does this. How on earth does he expect to change if he doesn't change anything?

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